Technology Vision, Mission & Goals

  • North Branch Area Public Schools is excited about its Chromebook 1:1 program; a "Laptop for All" initiative which provides students in grades 5-8 at the middle school and 9-12 at the high school a Chromebook to be used both in and out of the classroom.  We believe students of today and tomorrow need to possess the technical skills required by today's standards while retaining other e4ssential skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and becoming responsible users of technology. 


    Technology Mission

    "Ensuring all learners develop the necessary life skills in preparation for college and career"


    Technology Student Learning Goals:

    • Ensure we are creating engaging and relevant learning experiences and development of life skills
    • Ensure the learning experiences that encourage cooperation, collaboration, and innovation
    • Ensure we maximize all of our resources to create, research, communicate and produce academically sound products
    • Ensure we demonstrate respect, self-control, ethical behavior and empathy as classmates and members of our community
    • Ensure we are responsible citizens in our schools and communities, as well as the digital world

Chromebook Handbook