Sunrise Superheroes!

  • As part of Sunrise's PBIS (positive behavior intervention and supports) efforts, Sunrise Superheroes provide inspiration to students to be "super" in school!

    Each month a new superhero theme is chosen and students are rewarded with "superslips" for showing the characteristics of that superhero. Each month a reward breakfast is held and students who have been nominated by teachers for "continually showing the behaviors of a superhero" are honored for their efforts to maintain a great culture and learning environment at Sunrise!

    The superhero themes for 2019-20 are:

    September- Ready Freddy
    October- The Respector
    November- Captain Res-Ponsible
    December- MegaKind
    January- Integrinator
    February- Incredible Trier
    March- Amazing Acceptor
    April- The Cooperator
    May- Super Citizen

    New for 2019-20 - H.E.R.O. (Here, Everyday, Ready, On Time) 

    Any student at Sunrise can be a superhero, and Sunrise Superheroes is just one way Sunrise River School provides a unique and vibrant learning experience for all!