Health Services

Health staff
  • Pictured (l to r): Kristen Swalboski, Naomi Williams

    Thank you for visiting the NBAPS Health Services homepage. Our goal is to provide easy access to school district health forms, general information, and ways to connect with your student's health professional. This information is conveniently organized at right.

    Kristen Swalboski serves as the LSN for Sunrise River Elementary and North Branch Area Middle School. Naomi Williams serves as the LSN for Early Childhood, North Branch Area High School, and STEP programs.

Contact Us

  • Kristen Swalboski, LSN
    Kristen serves as the LSN for, Early Childhood, Sunrise River School and the middle school grades 5-6.
    Sunrise office: 651-674-1194
    Middle school office: 651-674-1309

    Naomi Williams, LSN
    Naomi serves as the LSN for the Life Work Center, high school, and middle school grades 7-8.
    Phone: 651-674-1525

    Health clerks
    Sunrise Elementary School - Deb Reed
    Phone: 651-674-1107

    North Branch Area Middle School - Cheri Perrault
    Phone: 651-674-1308

    North Branch Area High School - Kelly Anderson
    Phone: 651-674-1507

    Fax numbers
    Early childhood: 651-674-1210
    Sunrise: 651-674-1110
    Middle school: 651-674-1310
    High school: 651-674-1510
    STEP: 651-674-1410