Credit Recovery

  • Credit recovery is available during the school day using a combination of online format and project-based learning. The Norse staff will work with students to identify what credits are needed to meet graduation requirements and how those credits can be creatively and flexibly earned. Other opportunities for credit recovery include night school and summer school.

During the School Day

  • Additional information pending.

Night School

  • Independent Study

    Independent Study Night School is a unique program designed to help at-risk students earn credits toward a high school diploma. Students must be between 16 and 21 years of age. Students may use Independent Study in addition to their regular high school classes. Student success in this program is high partially due to the fact that students can set their own schedules and because of the wonderful, caring teaching staff.

    Each Night School Independent Study credit represents 56 hours of student work, of which, 12 hours must be completed in the classroom. Additional work is to be done independently at home.

    During the School Year, Independent Study Night School classes meet after school. The location and times for the 2019-20 school year are still to be determined.

    To enroll in Independent Study classes, students currently enrolled in North Branch High School must first contact their high school counselor. Students enrolled in any other school (in North Branch or another district) should contact Mr. Glen Stevens, Assistant Principal at North Branch Area High School, 651-674-1500.

    Every student enrolled in Independent Study must have a continuous learning plan (CLP). The CLP is required by the Minnesota Statutes, section 124D.128, Subdivision 3. It is a communication tool to show why the student was recommended and to involve/inform the parents about the process. A parent/guardian must sign the registration form for the extended day/year program, as well as their child's CLP.

    Students who are NOT currently enrolled in any school should also contact Mr. Stevens to discuss Independent Study and other academic opportunities. We look forward to assisting you with your education.

Summer School

  • 2019-20 Virtual Summer School Pre-Registration