NBAHS Now Offering a Redesigned Schedule!

  • NBAHS, as part of its High School Redesign project, has implemented a new school schedule offering longer blocks of learning time to support a variety of personalized learning opportunities.  In addition, ‘Flex Time’ is provided for all students.  Flex Time is a period in the school day, every other day for each student, that will allow students the flexibility to monitor their own progress and reflect upon and extend their learning.

    The new school schedule will provide:

    • Students the ability to focus on fewer classes in day
    • Longer/extended class periods to support lab courses, internships, and personalized learning opportunities
    • In-depth lessons and time for practicing skills
    • Opportunities for support and enrichment 
    • Tiered supports for  social and emotional learning (SEL)
    • Flex time empowers student ownership for learning in which each student is motivated, engaged and self-directed, allowing students the flexibility to monitor their progress and to reflect upon and extend their learning.  Flex time may include retaking tests, extending their learning through internship opportunities, receiving assistance on college and career readiness and more!
    • Additional daily support within the school day (“office hours”) provided to students from 7:55am - 8:15am. This time will provide students the opportunity to effectively and efficiently address academic needs, including but not limited to, assessment retake, clarification of assignment expectations, and check-in, all designed to support students ability to manage and provide flexibility in the learning process.
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  • Inspiring comments

    • “Many students wonder, when I am going to use this stuff (learning) in the real world? Understanding the why will really help change students’ perspectives”- High School Student
    • I am glad I participated because now I know high school will get me where I want to be in life. - 8th grade student
    • This plan is exciting. Some students can’t imagine their future and need to be awaken. - Community Partner
    • My two children are very different. It’s great to have a design that addresses each of their differences. - Parent
    • Right now, school is a punishment for hands-on learners. These new opportunities are game changers for my three boys.- Parent
    • Having Community Education classes where I have been able to use the new district facilities has been incredible. I can’t wait for those opportunities to open up again after COVID. - Parent
    • Thank you for the great communication from the district. I especially appreciate the Viking Newsletters. - Parent