English Learners

  • Welcome to the English Learner (EL) page! Sunrise’s EL program works with students to develop listening, reading, writing and speaking skills to help them be successful in the classroom. Serving students could involve working with students in small groups, or working alongside them in the classroom.  The goal is always to allow students to access grade level content standards through previewing class content, reinforcement of classroom learning, focusing on academic vocabulary, comprehension skills, grammar, and exposing students to background knowledge they may not have. Students are given skills necessary to improve their English Language development to be an active participant in the classroom. English learners have a wealth of unique cultural knowledge to bring to the classroom. Students are taught they are capable of achieving success and making substantive contributions in their school career.  

    Students take the WIDA Access test annually between January and March. This test measures their academic language proficiency in the areas of reading, listening, writing and speaking.

    Reid Anderson, EL Teacher