• Work For Credit Co-op: Students obtain their own paid job with Coordinator’s approval prior to the start of the semester and must complete 100 hours of work per WFC class assigned. Students may complete some of their work hours outside of the regularly scheduled school day and on weekends.  Students must pass an equivalent number of credits in core MHS courses to receive credit for WFC. Students will turn in attendance at job site, timecards, paycheck stubs, and evaluations.  Students will be required to complete career related professional assignments and complete on-line Work Keys Assessments. 

Work for Credit

  • Requirements: 

    • Applications must be completed by student at registration. Pick up and return applications in Career Center
    • Student must have their own transportation
    • Continuation in additional semesters is contingent upon satisfactory completion of all course contract requirements
    • Each student will participate in an orientation the first week of semester, signing a contract detailing requirements
    • Students must be in good standing at MHS as well as on job site including attendance, behavior, and citizenship
    • Students will turn in attendance at job site, monthly timecards, paycheck stubs, Career Center assignments, and supervisor evaluations.