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High School Redesign themes - thank you!

"Thank you so much to all those who participated in this week's virtual sessions regarding the high school redesign process. The discussions were vibrant and focused, and wonderful themes emerged as a result. The presentation we used for the sessions is below, as well as a document summarizing the relevant themes. We look forward to taking further steps to make this redesign a reality!"

-Sara Paul, Superintendent

High School Redesign

Thinking Big and Making it Happen!

Themes from the six virtual engagement sessions.

Importance of concurrent enrollment opportunities 

(Students earn college credit while in high school)

  • Core offerings that we have now are good
  • Want expanded opportunities that align with Transfer Curriculum of State Colleges

Expand learning opportunities for hands-on learners

  • Career Tech Ed courses are great addition for students
  • Consider 4H as partner/even for offerings through Community Education
  • 49ers could provide exposure opportunities (guest speakers, field trips)
  • Idea of ‘Technical math’ answers the ‘why’ question for students.

Prioritizing financial literacy

  • Many adults don’t know how to manage their finances so this opportunity is huge for kids. -Parent
  • This is awesome. I am willing to come in and bring my banking experience to help students understand the importance. - Parent/Community Partner
  • A person’s financial picture is an intimate topic for many individuals. It is great that NBAPS is going to teach this to our kids. - Parent

Importance of co-curricular activities

  • Opportunity to be part of a team is important
  • NBAPS offers many types of activities
  • Be sure to raise awareness, highlight all types of activities (eg. cooking, theatre)

Input regarding additional considerations

  • Consider weighted grades
  • Consider including options for students in the medical field
  • I like how the district is looking at multiple ways to define student readiness for life after high school

Inspiring comments

  • “Many students wonder, when I am going to use this stuff (learning) in the real world? Understanding the why will really help change students’ perspectives”- High School Student
  • I am glad I participated because now I know high school will get me where I want to be in life. - 8th grade student
  • This plan is exciting. Some students can’t imagine their future and need to be awaken. - Community Partner
  • My two children are very different. It’s great to have a design that addresses each of their differences. - Parent
  • Right now, school is a punishment for hands-on learners. These new opportunities are game changers for my three boys.- Parent
  • Having Community Education classes where I have been able to use the new district facilities has been incredible. I can’t wait for those opportunities to open up again after COVID. - Parent
  • Thank you for the great communication from the district. I especially appreciate the Viking Newsletters. - Parent