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RED stands for Respectful, Enthusiastic, and Determined!

Enthusiastic students

Not all the recognized students are pictured here. For a complete list, see below.

At North Branch Area Middle School, students strive to be RED (respectful, enthusiastic, and determined). Staff nominate students for recognition based on thier daily observations and the school recognizes those students periodically during the year with a breakfast.

On Monday, May 23, North Branch Area Middle School welcomed students and their families to a breakfast celebration to recognize students who represent what it means to be an enthusiastic learner. The following students were recognized:

Olivia    Boley
Mason    Edmonds
Zack    Giese
Jacob    Gilles
Heidi    Hedberg
Leota    Johnson
Jade    Knoespel
Aiden    Knopf
Amelia    Lattimore
Colton    Marvin
Malakai    Mendes
Spencer    Miller
Zuri    Mongare
Dylan    Nelson
Blake    Onasch
Kailey    Perrault
Aiden    Peterson
Jackson    Puelston
Darrien    Rodriguez
Brianna    Roush
Logan    Schedlbauer
Blong    Thor
Rocco    Valentine
Keara    Vickers
Tori    White
Harlie    Willie
Yeeblaim    Yang

Congratulations to these students! SKOL!