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Giese brings passion for NBAPS to school board

Tanya Giese

North Branch Area Public Schools (NBAPS) is pleased to announce that the school board has selected Tanya Giese to fill the vacant school board seat left by former school board member Darryl Goebel when he resigned in April.

Giese, an Activities Administrative Assistant at the Chisago Lakes School District, was born and raised in Stacy, and is a graduate of North Branch Area High School. She currently has three children attending NBAPS.

Giese has a long relationship with both the volleyball and gymnastics programs at NBAPS, and is a former employee of the high school. She and her husband currently organize the Stacy-Lent Youth Athletic Association.

Giese was chosen from a field of candidates that also included Chris Kester, and each candidate was interviewed remotely by the school board on June 11. The school board selected Giese at its regular school board meeting following the interviews.

“Tanya’s passion for North Branch Area Public Schools and her enthusiasm for education and activities really came through during this process,” said School Board Chair Kirby Ekstrom. “Both candidates were excellent and would have served the school district well, but Giese had an energy in her interview that really demonstrated her excitement at the opportunity to serve the school district she holds dear.”

In her application to the school board, Giese indicated that her “heart and soul belong to North Branch,” and noted she wants her children to “to walk away with the same superior education, pride, and passion that I have for North Branch.” She indicated a desire to increase the number of elective classes at the middle school and high school, and attract students from surrounding communities with a variety of opportunities. Giese credits her current position with giving her a better understanding of school finance.

“Being a Viking is a privilege and I care deeply about each child that has the opportunity to attend our schools,” said Giese. “I believe my familiarity with the community and life-long roots in our school district will help me contribute to the school board effectively and quickly, and I am grateful to the school board for giving me the opportunity to serve a community I love so well.”

Giese will be officially seated on the NBAPS school board at its next school board meeting, Thursday, July 9, at 5:30 p.m., location to be determined. As per state statute, Giese must run for election in the next available election, which is in the fall of 2020.