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How about a hand for the boiler brigade!

Boiler licensed staff
L to R: Schoolkeeper Kim House (high school), Custodian Justin Sletten (middle school), and Custodian Anthony Sletten (high school) all recently received great news! House and Anthony Sletten both tested for and received their Special Boiler Licenses and Justin Sletten his Second Class Boiler License. 

"These three B&G staff have gone above and beyond, training on their own time, putting in years of working alongside district state certified licensed boiler operators which then allows them to move up the levels of state certification," said Director of Bldgs. and Grounds Art Tobin, adding, "Keeping NB schools open, safe and operational for daily use both for schooling and the many daily events that happen in our district is no small task. Thank you again to Kim, Justin and Anthony for taking on this challenge and responsibility."