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Thiner is MSTCOE Academic Professional of the Year


NBAHS Asst. Principal Andrea Thiner

The Minnesota State Transportation Center of Excellence (MSTCOE) announced recently that current North Branch Area High School Asst. Principal Andrea Thiner is its Academic Professional of the Year for her work last year at Moorhead High School.

In its announcement MSTCOE highlighted Thiner’s 20 years of education experience, her familiarity with administration, teaching, youth and program development, community involvement, coordination and management. “Andrea is well known for being an advocate for students and working to provide opportunities for students to engage in hands-on learning especially through Career and Technical Education. As an Assistant Principal in Moorhead  she was responsible for the development, management and opening of the Moorhead High School Career Academy,” said MSTCOE.

MSTCOE called Thiner an “innovative thinking self-starter and perpetual learner,” and a motivated leader and team player “with diverse experience in Project Based Learning (PBL), 21st Century skills needs, assessment analysis, and relationship building.”

In its letter informing Thiner of her award, MSTCOE shared some of the letters it received in support of her nomination:

“From the day I was hired, Andrea was always happily there to help me and guide me through my first year. She has such a positive attitude, even when she is getting pulled in 100 different directions. I have never seen someone in her position go above and beyond as much as she  continues to do. Her passion for the school, and for everyone in the school, is unparalleled. How many  admin would also help set up the classrooms, build furniture, help organize, and do it all without a single complaint? Andrea is a true professional and a role model for everyone she comes in contact with.”

“She is a firm believer that high school CTE classes are one of the best ways to expose and guide students into rewarding trades and transportation careers. She is regularly visiting with our students and staff to ensure our programs are of a high caliber and does whatever it takes to get there. If there is something that needs to be done, she takes care of it!”


NBAHS Asst. Principal Andrea Thiner (left), at the Midwest Teachers of Transportation and Industrial Areas conference in Brainerd on August 3. 

North Branch Area Public Schools Supt. Sara Paul commended Thiner for the recognition and for the skills she brings to improving the student experience. “As we continue to expand learning opportunities for students in the trades, we are so fortunate to have a champion who has advocated for trades programming across the state and will now lend those efforts to helping our district stay at the forefront of educational excellence.”

Thiner is honored to be this year’s MSTCOE Academic Professional of the year. “I was surprised and humbled by the nomination and subsequent receipt of this award. I don’t see myself as doing anything other than my job,” she said, adding “My goal as an administrator is to support my teachers the best I can so they can meet the needs of our students. I am a huge Career and Technical Education advocate which is why I am so passionate about the development of programming and space that support opportunities for students to explore and try out career pathways before leaving the security of our high school walls. I am excited to keep working to support teachers in reaching students and providing them opportunities.”

Thiner’s award was formally presented at the Midwest Teachers of Transportation and Industrial Areas conference in Brainerd on August 3.