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Join our volunteer speaker registry

A theme we at North Branch Area Public Schools hear often from our community, staff, and families is a desire for the school district to do everything it can to make best use of the opportunities our communities provide. We are working hard at those relationships, including expanding our partnerships with senior citizen groups and nurturing our Project Lead the Way advisory board, which is comprised of local industry.

Through our budget process this year we identified another way to engage our community and utilize the talent and experience all around us; the creation of a volunteer speaker registry. We are blessed to be located in a community with a wide range of abilities and life journeys, and we are hoping to make use of those individuals to offer our youth a broader view of the world around them by inviting these volunteers into our schools to engage with students.

Many of you reading this column right now have a wealth of knowledge that can directly benefit our children and young adults as they contemplate life decisions about career, service, family, and more. As a school district, it is our duty to share as much of the world with our students as we can to prepare them for life beyond school.

If you would like to be added to our speaker registry, please contact Community Education at 651-674-1025 or or sign up here. The list, once compiled will be shared with staff as a resource. Teachers would have the ability to search the list for speakers relevant to a classroom subject or general curriculum and access volunteers who can add depth and breadth to a topic.

Any interesting jobs, hobbies, life choices, or experiences are welcome. Books (including Chromebooks) are a valuable educational resource. Even more valuable is the opportunity to learn from, and question, people with first hand knowledge about careers, historical moments, hobbies and a wide variety of other subjects.

We hope you will consider making your wealth of knowledge available for the benefit of the next generation of citizens as they prepare to make their own way.