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Meyer is regional math league champ

Lucas Meyer

Pictured: Lucas Meyer

Sunrise River School's Lucas Meyer is the Continental Math League region 6 grade 4 Pythagorean division winner! Meyer had the top accumulative score for all the schools from both Minnesota and Iowa that competed in Continental Math League.

Continental Math League is a competitive math program. Students take five individual tests over the course of the year and compete against other schools in the United States. Students in Mrs. Perales' and Mrs. Zerwas' classes have participated in the Continental Math League under the direction of Ms. Kelly Doohen.  Ms. Kelly volunteers twice a week to challenge students in the subject of math. 

Congratulations to Lucas Meyer!

Group photo

Front (l to r): Ava Martfeld, June Peterson, Lucas Meyer, Hudson Grams. Middle Row: Madisyn Gruetzman, Savannah Schroepher, Caleb Hanes, Ms. Kelly Doohen. Back Row: Fischer Nigbor, Joey Graupman, Lane Tomford, Logan Marthaler.