Our priority is to design a flexible process to accommodate family situations and developmentally appropriate ways to engage students in daily activities. We will monitor log-in data and work completion to finalize our daily attendance using the data. Each school monitors daily attendance and communicates with families when student absences are excessive. NBAPS completes an attendance application waiver for students who exceed 15 consecutive days of absence.

Early Childhood and Sunrise River Elementary School
Teachers will be in contact with students/families each school day through electronic communication. Students/parents are encouraged to respond to this communication, especially as questions or challenges arise. Work will be submitted by families electronically during the course of the week if at all possible. Teachers will work with families unable to submit student work electronically. Attendance will be recorded for students based upon work completed. For example, if work for May 7 is finished, then the student will be marked present for Monday, May 7. If only reading/literacy work is submitted, the student will be marked present for half the day. If only math/science/social studies work is submitted, the student will be marked present for half the day. Attendance will be documented as work is completed and submitted.

If your family is unable to get to one of these sites and need printed curriculum materials for your K - 4 student, the materials are available in the front entrance area of Sunrise River School from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Families are encouraged to share pictures of Early Childhood students engaged in activities with their teachers. No work will be submitted or scored.

Middle School, High School, Norse Area Learning Center, and Life Work Center
Students are marked present for the school day once they have completed and submitted the Daily Attendance Google Form. Advisory teachers (MS) and first hour teachers (HS) will send the Daily Google Form to each student every day. Students are expected to complete the Daily Attendance Google Form by 11:45 a.m. each day.

Please call the attendance line 651-674-1303 (MS) or 651-674- 1503 (HS), 651-674-1051 (ALC), and 651-674-1412 (LWC) if your student is ill and will not be able to complete classwork for the day. Voicemail will be checked on a daily basis. Students called in ill will be marked absent excused.