Congratulations from the NBAPS school board

The NBAPS school board has created a letter for all graduates of the Class of 2020. The official letter can be downloaded here. Here is the text of the letter:

May 28, 2020

Dear 2020 Seniors,

As a school board, overseeing commencement and handing out diplomas to our deserving graduates is the role members most look forward to. At many graduations, at least one school board member would have the honor of presenting a diploma to their own graduate, and this year would have been no exception.

In the history of our great nation, citizens have been asked to make sacrifices for the greater good on innumerable occasions. In times of war, famine, and disease, Americans have always risen to the occasion and done their part to help their fellow citizens.

You have been asked by fate to forego your traditional commencement so that your family members, neighbors, friends, and countrymen can be spared possible exposure to a damaging illness. We know this does not come easy for you; you have been looking forward to this milestone for many years. But let not the sadness of loss overshadow the pride you should feel for doing your part when your country needed you. Yours will be counted among the sacrifices made by so many, each and every day, during this time, and the pride you will someday feel in your sacrifice is something that can never be taken away from you.

There are so many reasons why your school board and community is proud of you. We are proud of the care and attention you have given to your education. We are proud of the responsible citizens you have become. We are proud of the way you represent your community and your school district. We are proud of the potential for great things in each and every one of you. And now we are proud of your sacrifice as well.

If there is a lesson all of us learn the hard way, it may be that life can change dramatically in an instant. It is our character that dictates how we respond in those moments. That you have the courage to face an uncertain future we have no doubt. It has been there all along; every time you came to the aid of a classmate in trouble, helped a community member who couldn’t help themselves, gave of yourself to a cause larger than yourself, or treated a stranger with respect, you demonstrated your courage and your character.

All of us school board members are proud of you, and we thank you for giving North Branch Area Public Schools your very best. We look forward with great anticipation to your future accomplishments.

All the best from the NBAPS School Board,

Kirby Ekstrom
Tim MacMillan
Sarah Grovender
Heather Osagiede
Kevin Bollman

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