Feb. 24 - The return of Community Service Day!

Joining the school district this year has given me numerous opportunities to gain appreciation for some of the strong traditions in place. For over ten years, Community Service Day has been an annual event in which students of all ages have the opportunity to service our community. It instills pride in community, a sense of belonging, and teaches students to care about people and issues beyond their daily lives.

Community Service Day (CSD) at North Branch Area Public Schools (NBAPS) had to be cancelled last spring due to the pandemic. Now, I am so pleased to announce it will return this spring on Friday, May 21.

CSD provides students and staff the opportunity to perform a wide variety of community service projects in our school district. They complete projects for our cities and townships, civic organizations, senior living facilities, and private citizens. Over the years participants have painted snow plows, restrooms, and dugouts; raked leaves and provided general clean-up to parks and lawns, read with and performed for senior citizens, taken traffic studies, constructed parks, and so much more!

Classes of students of all ages participate in the annual event! While the more labor-intensive projects are generally reserved for older students, our youngest make cards for senior citizens or visit with seniors and perform music or read together with residents.

We know that this year’s CSD might have to look a little different, especially as it pertains to our youngest students and eldest community residents; but we look forward to working with staff at our senior living facilities to find creative solutions that keep both groups safe this spring. Most projects, however, take place outside with limited numbers of students and staff, and should be able to be accommodated similar to how we have done it in the past.

NBAPS is always looking for individuals living in the communities we serve who, for any number of reasons like health or age, are unable to see to their spring chores this year. We want to help! If you know of anyone who could benefit from some helping hands to rake leaves, pick up trash and debris, do some painting, or help with any number of other possibilities, please contact Community Relations Coordinator Patrick Tepoorten at 651-674-1018 or ptepoorten@isd138.org. We are excited to get some projects on the schedule for Community Service Day!

Better together- that is what CSD is all about and I am so excited to see all of the service and learning that takes place with the return of Community Service Day!