April 21- Spring is time for pedal power!

With warmer weather on the horizon, I look forward to crossing paths with you as we are enjoying more and more outdoor activities. Having a robust trail system in our community is a high priority to the city of North Branch and NBAPS.

In our efforts to promote walking/biking to school, we are proud to partner with the City of North Branch. “The City is committed to encouraging all students to walk or bike to school by providing safer and more appealing bicycling and pedestrian routes, while promoting lifelong active lifestyles and has worked in close conjunction with the North Branch Area School District in the development and implementation of a Safe Routes to School plan,” said the city’s GIS Planning Specialist Nate Sondrol, who added, “The impacts of Covid-19 over the past year have placed a significant increase on the usage of the trail system and the need to continue to complete these safer connections and improvements is even more important now than before. The City is very excited to continue working with the School district to continue these efforts.”

Getting outside to enjoy the fresh air is something I look forward to each spring. Recently, the city’s Nate Sondrol and I talked with middle school student Levi, who had much to say about the joys of biking to school. Levi shared his experiences and suggestions with Nate, and Nate was able to share some of the ideas and plans happening at the city! Levi and I were also able to take a bike ride to enjoy our beautiful trails and further talk about safe routes to school in our community.

To celebrate our wonderful trails, the city’s commitment to safe routes to school, and the return of warmer weather, North Branch Area Public Schools will be putting together a bike/walk to school the morning of May 5. Stay tuned to Facebook (www.facebook.com/nbapschools) for more details as we approach the date. In the meantime, I hope to see you out and about!