May 12 - “Hike it, Bike it, I like it!”

What an exciting time of year! I am like many people, that with the warmer weather I love to be outside. Fortunately our schools are in a community that places a high value on providing walking and biking trails for residents.

The City of North Branch has enthusiastically pursued Safe Routes to School grant dollars over the last decade, and used those funds to provide ever-expanding options for pedestrians and bikers.

In celebration of the city’s efforts, staff from the school district and the city gathered last Friday morning for “Hike it, Bike it, I like it!” Roughly 50 students of all ages gathered at the North Branch Public Library to walk and bike to school. We are so grateful for Mayor Jim Swenson’s participation as well as that of city, police department, and fire department Staff. The fire department went the extra mile and patrolled intersections for participants.

Thanks to all the city and school district staff that participated as well as to all the families and students that took the time to join us and celebrate the great walking and biking trails in our school district. The City of North Branch has done a great job creating these opportunities and we are so grateful!