May 26 - The Superpowers of a Multipotentialite

There are times in my life when I have been so in awe of another person's gifts and talents, that I simply have to stop and take a moment to take in their greatness!

Multipotentiality refers to the abilities of a person to excel in two or more different areas. Dr. Lori Zimmerman, current elementary principal, has exemplified superpowers of a multipotentialite over her 30-plus year career at NBAPS. Zimmerman has been a teacher, Area Learning Center (ALC) Director, ALC Principal, the Director of Transition Program and Northgate, and most recently, our elementary principal. Through the years, Dr. Zimmerman was called to new opportunities in order to enhance the work of our district. Her willingness to serve our communities in whatever capacity needed is a hallmark of her dedication.

While I have only had the opportunity to work with Dr. Z for one of her years here, it has not been difficult to understand why she has been so valuable to the school district.

One of Dr. Z’s multipotentialite superpowers is problem solving. She has an uncanny ability to see issues from a wide variety of angles and foresee potential hurdles long before they must be navigated. She is often heard saying, “I have a wonderment,” meaning, she is not a leader that jumps to a solution; rather, she is a leader that seeks to lift up multiple perspectives so that all angles of the problem can be solved. She sees beyond her own responsibilities and pays close attention to how decisions made at one level of our school district will affect others. I can see how her superpower of problem solving made her successful in each role she assumed through the years.

Dr. Z has the superpower of navigating change. She understands that there is a human side of change that requires additional time and attention. She is effective at helping others unite around a purpose which inspires a collective will to continuously improve.

Dr. Z has the superpower of kindness, as her interactions with students will attest. She has a genuine empathy and an ability to come alongside a student or family so that they can get more out of their educational experience.

We will celebrate Dr. Zimmerman at a reception on Tuesday, June 15, at 2 p.m. at Sunrise River Elementary School, and I invite you to join us! If you are unable to attend, I hope you will take a moment to send her some words of thanks for her decades of faithful service to NBAPS on this virtual message board we created for the occasion:

I admire Dr. Z’s superpowers and I appreciate her years of service to the students and families of NBAPS!