June 2 - Service with a smile!

North Branch Area Public Schools has a long standing tradition of serving our community. Community Service Day, May 21, has been a tradition at North Branch Area Public Schools since 2009, and what an incredible tradition it is!

Students and staff took on spring chores in North Branch, Harris, and Stacy this year and the school district is so grateful for all those that partner with us to make this event meaningful for kids and for the community. Each community service opportunity provides students with experiences to become active members of their community. Giving of oneself in service of others is one of the most rewarding things we do in our lives.

It is inspiring to see genuine service in action. There is humility in putting another person’s needs above your own, working with others to accomplish something bigger than yourself, and making someone feel cared about and valued. A smile says a thousand words, and May 21 was a day filled with smiles! Observing the servanthood of our students and staff makes me proud to live in this amazing community!

Community Service Day happens once a year, but we know that a needed helping hand can’t always wait for such an event. Sometimes help is needed in the fall, earlier in the spring, or over the summer. Oftentimes the help is needed by elderly residents or those unable to complete chores due to health concerns.

If you, a relative, friend, or neighbor is in need of some helping hands, please don’t wait for Community Service Day to reach out to us! NBAPS is fortunate to have countless students and staff passionately dedicated to serving in their communities, ready to help when called upon!

Contact Community Relations Coordinator Pat Tepoorten if you, or someone you know, needs help with yardwork or other related chores. He can be reached at 651-674-1018 or ptepoorten@isd138.org. You may think we are helping you, but you are also helping us!