June 16 - Learning Your Way

Learning Your Way

There can be no doubt that this school year caused both families and school districts to think about education differently. Implementation of our 2020-21 Safe Learning Plan was guided by a value for flexibility and choice for families to decide what is best for each child: distance learning or an in-school option.

To address challenges this year, we needed to be innovative, and move forward some innovative ideas that had been in discussion as part of our high school redesign efforts over the past two years. Next year, we will transform the student experience with changes to the high school schedule. Students will have “flex time” built into their schedule to do collaborative projects, and access multiple opportunities to extend their learning. This enhanced personalized approach is part of the broader high school redesign effort, and I’m so thankful for the staff that made these changes happen!

This year also brought innovations to our non-traditional school offerings. We moved the Distance Learning Academy program offsite and expanded to meet the needs of K-12 learners. Families of over 500 students attended the Distance Learning Academy this year.

We learned so much about what families value and desire from non-traditional education. Some chose Distance Learning Academy for their peace of mind during unique times. Others stayed for the flexibility, support, and high quality education. Said one student, “I love the Academy because I am able to work at my own pace, and I get to pick out what I want to do, and I always know there is someone to help me.”

With all the unknowns of living in a pandemic, some families chose to homeschool their children for the 2020-21 school year. NBAPS hosted virtual sessions to listen and learn what support we might be about to provide as they navigated such an unusual school year. We learned about opportunities homeschool families in the area are looking for to enhance their children’s educational experiences.

“Learning Your Way,” is an explicit approach NBAPS is taking to personalize learning. Perhaps their student learns better outside the classroom, or their student learns better in a one-on-one environment. The Distance Learning Academy is ideally suited to address these concerns and we hope to attract new families to this model; families that may not have felt there was an option before now.

Learning Your Way means providing instructional support to homeschool families. What we learned from our homeschool families is that they greatly value having the opportunity to realize support in areas such as physical education, world language, math and literacy. We have created a menu of options for homeschool families to choose from in response to their concerns.

Education is changing and, through Learning Your Way, we are positioning NBAPS to serve families in a wide variety of ways through quality learning options. You can find more information on our website under the Learning Your Way tab.

We are so grateful for the many partners that helped provide safe learning environments for our students this year, and we are ready to help each student learn their way and accelerate into the future!