July 14 - The gift of feedback

The gift of feedback

In NBAPS, we value formal and informal opportunities to receive feedback. We believe each connection leads to positive, trusting, and productive relationships.

On June 30, school district leadership hosted the World's Best Workforce (WBWF) Advisory Committee to hear from parents, students, staff and community partners about areas of strength, where we can improve, and to hear their creative ideas!

The 30 participants that make up the WBWF Advisory represent a microcosm of the school district. The feedback we receive is so important, providing us with a broad range of perspectives, and opportunities to lift up creative ideas from parents, students, staff and community members.

Attendees provided us feedback on student achievement, communication, the student experience, student/staff connections, and much, much, more.

NBAPS staff are responsible for implementing our strategic plan. Staff have been engaged as an integral part of the strategic planning process.

Listening to our students and parents is critical to defining our strategic direction. All key decisions in the district must ultimately be based upon what is in the best interests of student development.

Community members provide a multiplier effect. Involving community members to identify win-win opportunities is vital to building a strong learning community.

I am grateful on behalf of all NBAPS staff for the appreciation we heard from the WBWF Advisory and continue to hear from families across the school district.

The feedback we receive regarding our areas for strength and opportunities for improvement will take NBAPS to new heights. If you have feedback to share, please do not hesitate to reach out at spaul@isd138.org. Each conversation and opportunity for feedback is a gift!