July 21 - Safe Learning

Safe Learning

North Branch Area Public Schools remains committed to providing safe options for students this fall. 

NBAPS has created and submitted its 2021-22 Safe Learning Plan to the State of Minnesota. The Safe Learning Plan can be reviewed here: www.isd138.org/Page/461.

NBAPS is currently operating at a Level 1 on our Safe Learning Continuum, which can be reviewed here: www.isd138.org/Page/441. Here’s what families can expect at Level 1:

  • Students move freely throughout the building including at passing time and lunch in the cafeteria.

  • Routines of hygiene education and practices are in place for students and staff.

  • Masks are optional. (Executive Order 20-103 lifted.)

  • Students are transported to school with reduced restrictions.

  • Fee-based child care are offered to all families.   

  • All staff and students are expected to self monitor for COVID symptoms and stay home when sick.

    • Household members do not need to stay home when other household members are ill.

    • A confirmed COVID-19 positive case within the household requires quarantine.

NBAPS will continue to monitor guidance from the Minnesota Department Education and the Minnesota Department of Health, and use local data to inform decisions. If adjustments need to be made, we will continue to communicate changes using our Safe Learning Continuum. Our high quality Distance Learning Academy will continue to be available for all students.

This fall, school start and end times will return to normal:

7:50 am - 2:25 pm Sunrise River School (grades 1-5)

7:55 am - 2:25 pm North Branch Area High School (9-12)

7:55 am - 2:25 pm Norse Area Learning Center (9-12)

8:00 am - 2:35 pm Chisago County Schools’ Life Work Center (post-high school)

8:05 am - 2:40 pm North Branch Area Education Center (Kindergarten)

8:05 am - 2:40 pm North Branch Area Middle School (6-8)

Our Safe Learning Plan draws on our local data from the 2020-21 school year. As one of the few districts in the state to provide in-school learning consistently throughout the 2020-21 school year, this data was central to NBAPS’ decision making for the 2021-2022 school year.