Feb. 8 - Thank you for choosing North Branch Area Public Schools

Our communities are growing and each day we are fortunate to welcome new Vikings into our schools. Since January 1, we have 29 new students, and we continue to welcome new students each week. Last Thursday at our Kindergarten Parent Information Night, staff were delighted to welcome roughly 60 future kindergartners and 95 adults wanting to learn more about our early education offerings. 


Families are choosing NBAPS for a variety of reasons. We offer a dedicated early learning space specifically tailored to our youngest learners, and beautiful elementary learning settings with staff providing a warm, welcoming environment for each child. Our middle school program provides a blend of core academics and exploratory classes leading to expanding Career and Technical Education programs complimenting our robust College in the Schools offerings at the high school. Dedicated space for our Norse Area Learning Center, and a K-12 Distance Learning Academy to meet families “where they are.” Our Life Work Center supports 18-21 year old students with skill development for independent living, and our partnership with Therapeutic Services Agency provides students and families access to mental health care when needed right in our facilities. 


Each day I have the privilege to see staff members impacting the lives of our students. Before school, during school and after school, it is clear that our staff genuinely cares about the communities, families, and students they serve. Our school board ensures alignment from the boardroom to the classroom, and partners to allocate resources to district priorities.


It’s always a great day to be a Viking, and we are so thankful for each family that has chosen to have their children learn and grow at North Branch Area Public Schools. Experiencing a child's learning or a young adult discovering their passion is our greatest reward and it is a privilege to serve you!