Feb. 15 - Feeling the love!

Valentine's Day brings the opportunity to show those around us that we care about them. Two events happened this past week that left NBAPS feeling the love! 


An annual community event that many look forward to is the Candlelight Night at Wild River that took place last Saturday. The Candlelight Night included hiking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and a huge bonfire. This event would not happen without the commitment from countless volunteers, including members of our North Branch Area High School National Honor Society. One of the best ways to feel the love is to do something kind for others. Hundreds of candle lit bags lined the ski trails. I can’t imagine how much planning, coordination and time it took to get everything into place as the sun went down. As a community member enjoying the event, I am so grateful for all the volunteers that came together to make it so enjoyable!


Another important way to feel the love is to embrace the generosity of others.  At North Branch Area Public Schools, Valentine’s Day week has a special significance - it is this week every year that the North Branch Area Education Foundation (NBAEF) awards its annual grants to staff members.


The North Branch Area Education Foundation is dedicated to enhancing opportunities to achieve excellence for students in our school district. 


Earlier this week, representatives from the foundation made their way through our schools, surprising staff with the news that their grant proposal has been funded. Our students have the privilege to learn from staff who go above and beyond the norm to create lifelong learning experiences. Witnessing the joy of students and staff upon the news of receiving a NBAEF grant is priceless. NBAEF representatives got to see first-hand the profound impact their support has on all of us at the school district. I am inspired by both the support of the foundation and by the creativity of staff in finding ways to excite and challenge students.


This year, the NBAEF, and its partner the ECMC Group, funded 10 grants submitted by staff. The monetary commitment to these grants totals $27,631, roughly $10,000 of which was provided by ECMC Group. It is a testament to the NBAEF’s dedication and passion for supporting students and to the many community members who attend NBAEF events that provide the donations to fund these grant opportunities. 


Vikings have a spirit of abundance when it comes to giving and receiving love. We strive to provide value and humbly receive appreciation each and every day, and hope everyone is feeling the love!