Feb. 22 - Growing Together

Win-win relationships between a school district and committees established for economic development is key to a vibrant community. This weekend I attended the Economic Growth Summit for Chisago County at the Lent Town Hall, hosted by the Chisago County Economic Growth Committee. The event featured speaker Dr. Craig Waldron, owner of a government consulting firm specializing in economic growth. The purpose of the Summit was to learn more about how Chisago County is transitioning economically, and determine how cities, townships, school districts, and the county can work together to promote countywide economic growth.

North Branch Area Public Schools is proud to partner and contribute to economic growth in our area. We all benefit from working in partnership to improve infrastructure, business, quality of life and quality of workforce. Our shared commitment to excellence provides me with the greatest joy of all, which is helping students find their passion and experiencing the rewards that come with educational achievement. Economic growth means that more and more of our incredibly talented Vikings stay in our area and take advantage of a growing community. 

It is for these reasons that I am also proud to serve on the North Branch Economic Development Authority (EDA). Our students benefit significantly when the opportunities they strive for can be found in our communities rather than existing primarily as theoretical options in far away places. When we provide tangible and relevant learning opportunities, student motivation increases and students gain confidence about the future they can create for themselves. Our communities benefit from retaining local talent as we provide a growing number of incentives to stay in the area, raise families, and contribute to our shared, continued success.

As a resident and employee of one of the large employers in our community, I am so excited to be growing together, expanding opportunities for students, families, and our communities as a whole!