Principal Todd Tetzlaff

Todd Tetzlaff was hired as an assistant principal at North Branch Area Middle School in 2000 and has been serving as the principal at North Branch Area Middle School since 2003.

At North Branch Area Middle School, teaching staff are actively engaged in a collaborative process of reviewing state standards, identifying essential learning outcomes, establishing learning targets and implementing formative assessments to measure student progress toward learning targets.

Teachers collaborate and work together to assure students participate in active, meaningful learning activities. Teachers work to differentiate the learning process or product to meet the needs of the students in their classrooms.

"We are RED" is the motto at North Branch Area Middle School. We are Respectful. We are Enthusiastic. We are Determined. The staff at North Branch Area Middle School are persistent and do not give up when students have difficulty mastering a particular concept or skill, and actively discuss with students the importance of remaining determined when they face challenges. NBAMS has established a system of academic and behavioral supports and interventions to assist when our students demonstrate an identified need.